Mode of Transport

Ground Shipping

Ground Shipping; Less than Truck Load (LTL), Full Truck Load (FTL), HotshotAir Land & Sea Express provides ground freight services for commercial and residential shippers throughout the world. We offer an array of services and equipment to get your shipments delivered where and when you need them. We have partners that will get your shipment across town to the airport on time to catch the next flight and the carriers to haul your trailer across the country.

Our knowledgeable customer service team will guide you through the complications of shipping ground and help you determine the best option for your freight.

ALS Express has access to any vehicle necessary for shipping, allowing us to provide the most practical equipment for any shipment.

  • Cars & Pickups
  • Box Trucks and Dock Highs
  • Cargo and Sprinter Vans
  • Less than Truck Load (LTL) and Full Truck Load (FTL)
  • Flatbeds, Reefers (Refrigerated Units), and other Specialized Equipment

Air Cargo Shipping[ Return to top ]

Air Cargo Shipping; Small Packages, Large Freight, and Charters.Air cargo services should be used when time is the most important factor in moving your products around the world. Speed should be a necessity when shipping via air as it is usually considered a premium mode of transportation.

As a full service air transportation provider we manage the entire service for you. We offer to handle your customs documentation, manage the ground transportation at each end, and oversee the entire process. We ensure you achieve the speed you require from using air cargo, at a reasonable cost.

We work with a core group of leading commercial and charter operators in hundreds of trade lanes. We select the most suitable and cost effective service level for your business from our network of best in class providers.

Air Land & Sea Express offers a variety of air cargo services:

  • Commercial, cargo, and charter flights
  • No restrictions to size or weight - we utilize thousands of airline flights daily, and you're never limited to designated pickup or delivery times.
  • Door-to-door capabilities are extended to our clients through our network of domestic and international partners. Operating on all major continents, we have the resources to ensure smooth clearance and delivery to the final destination.
  • Domestic and International

Ocean Shipping[ Return to top ]

Ocean and Sea Shipping; FCL, LCLAir Land & Sea Express offers full container load (FCL) and less then container load (LCL) services. We can offer distinct solutions in addition to keeping you informed of your shipment's status.

We strive for an excellent working knowledge of our clients' logistics operations. We can offer the necessary tools to provide customized logistics solutions for you, while resolving issues in a manner that is best suited for your company to ensure its operations stay on track.

Air Land & Sea Express has the capability to:

  • Accommodate the requirements of your freight even in the most challenging situations.
  • Provide you with the most economical solutions for your ocean freight.
  • Have the flexibility to resolve issues that may occur while your freight is in transit.

When used in combination with our ground, rail, and air capabilities our clients have a partner with the ability to ship anything, anywhere at any time!

Intermodal Shipping[ Return to top ]

Intermodal ShippingIntermodal transportation is a combination of modes of transportation, but generally implies the use of both truck and rail services. Containers are picked up and delivered just like a normal truckload. However, the transit from city to city is carried out using specialized equipment via rail. Special interchangeable containers are used allowing goods to be transferred from ship to rail to truck without having to be repacked. It saves money by lowering fuel cost and decreasing labor by using the same container for all modes of transport.

Intermodal Cost-Reduction can be very significant. Drawbacks include less flexibility, as firms are limited to places where there are train routes, and slower shipping times.

Intermodal Transportation should be used when shipments:

  • Are between 10,000 and 45,000 pounds
  • Traveling more than 1,000 miles between major metro areas
  • Can practically use 40', 48', or 53' trailers and containers.
  • Expedited service is not needed, 4-12 days transit time depending on distance

Our logistics team and account managers would appreciate the opportunity to guide you through the complications of intermodal shipping.

Find out how fast we can get it there by viewing our transit times options.

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